A Message from the President!

Samuel Ajala, President, NUCJ.

A great Clergyman once said, “Leadership is not occupying a seat, it is accomplishing a feat. It is not occupying a position, it is making outstanding contributions. It is not occupying a place, it is setting a pace. It is not talking the lead, it is taking the lead. It is not an appointment, but an attainment. Leadership is not titles that we carry, but in the outstanding feat we accomplish.”

With the understanding of leadership and service, it was with this great delight and excitement that I ran for Office of the President, National Union of Campus Journalists, Nigeria (NUCJ).

When I declared my ambition to run for the Presidential seat, I did not run because of the position, but to ensure I contribute significantly to repositioning NUCJ to greater heights where the gospel of Campus Journalism can be spread across every nook and cranny of Nigerian tertiary institutions without victimization and gagging of press freedom.

Having served diligently in the HOPE Administration(2019) as the Publicity Secretary 1, my office was able to rebrand the image of the Union that was dented, by establishing cordial relationships with Media Firms and Civil Society Organizations, resuscitating the Union’s social media pages and encouraging the spread of Campus Journalism in other institutions across the country.

The vision is clear now as I see an NUCJ where members are holding school management and community leaders accountable to promote the interest of students. I see an NUCJ where Campus Journalists are key contributors to national development. I see an NUCJ where our members are key stakeholders in the society when it comes to youth development. Most importantly, I want to create a legacy for the next generation of Campus Journalists in Nigeria.

The mantra for my administration shall be: Accountability, Partnership, Inclusion, Innovation, Capacity Building, Opportunity and Networking.

It is time to rebrand NUCJ to gain more relevance in the media world.

Samuel Ajala,
President, NUCJ.
The Avant-Garde Administration 2021